Friday, August 17, 2012

Bald Cupcakes

So what do you do with a million cherries when you can't bake a pie?  Seriously.  I bought some fruit from a stand earlier this week, and I ended up with zillions of cherries.  So I Googled recipes with cherries.  Luckily, I came across something I could bake.  Cherry chocolate muffins!  I'm obviously more of a cupcake fan than muffin, but let's be honest, a muffin is basically a bald cupcake.  But the best part is that because they're muffins, we can eat them for breakfast too and not just dessert :)


The little guys just out of the oven

I think they'd be really good with a light icing on top, but butter is good too... since they are muffins :)

Just so you can see how many cherries were left after making these...

Don't they kind of look like this cute cupcake I got for my birthday???  :)

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